Let's go back... way back... To the days of vinyl,

the days when retro house music was new...

We bring some (innovation) for example the forgotten RETRO plates


Dj´s & Livesets

Dj Wesss
Dj Chris
Dj Manu Kenton

Dj Wesss has been playing music in clubs like shaft, lazurra etc. since 2006. After having enjoyed the infamous Belgian club scene at clubs Outline, La Rocca and parties like i love retro, House Family, Backyard and more.
In 2017, he started to promote quality music under his fresh organization, his own private party concept Backyard events!

Styles: house - deeptech house - indie dance - retro - classics

Styles: House - Tech House - Retro - Classics


Manu Kenton starts In 1994, he starts as resident Dj every sunday at lagoa, playing at cherrymoon and a lot of belgium´s clubs.he creates his own label in 1996.


Dj Chris started his love of music when he was 10 years old and started to grow.
He plays on saturday as resident Dj into Club Shaft. also he played with several great Belgium Dj’s and on a lot of party’s such as Escape outdoor, Secret paradise, The mansion, Jenevernacht, I love retro, Lazzura, Phreakz, JH De Zonk, Sweet Sensation,  Masquerade, Retrovision, Downtown, Fusion 2, Freaky Friday, Good Vibes, Planet-E, Backyard and much more..
He also has his own concept with two companions called FEELINGS which takes place on different locations.
If someone asks a question, Music is my answer… 

We presents you: Chris Beerens

Dj Gert Rossenbacker

Styles: house - retro - classics

Styles: Techno - house - retro - classics

Styles: house - retro - classics

Styles: house - retro - classics

Styles: house - retro - classics

Dj Bountyhunter
Dj Olivier Pieters
Dj Steven L.

Mister Bountyhunter started his career in 1990 in a small club called TGV.
Bountyhunter became a Bonzai legend that played everywhere in Europe, clubs such as Extreme, Montini's, Cherrymoon, BBC, Planet Hardcore. Kabarka, and much more.
He has also collaborated with artists such as Yves Deruyter, Francois and Franky Jones.
He still produces music and runs weekly in Belgium ... for example ..... I LOVE RETRO HOUSE ;-)
We present you: Dj bountyhunter


Dj Steven L. discovered the DJ world in 1998, he was 11 years old. 2 years later at the age of 13 the vinyls were also discovered.
In 2013 he won a dj contest, called the Brainwash festival in lommel
In 2014 he started in club D&A, he plays at clubs like Club Tibu, Son Cubanos, Club Vizion, Secret Paradise, I love Retro, Backyard and many other clubs followed.
He is still active at numerous events.

                            We present to you: Steven L

One of the most famous and respectable Belgian DJ at that time, he was the resident DJ playing every sunday at "Boccaccio" in Destelbergen (Belgium) from the late 80's until the club closed in the end of 1993.
He also played in the biggest Belgian clubs, such as Zillion, La Bush and Ckomilfoo.
He will bring the best RETRO HOUSE to our temple ...
We present you: Olivier Pieters

Dj Gert, yes we can say, a real retro house hero!
He was Resident in clubs such as Baccardis, Dreamland, Boccaccio, Bbc, Illusion and Delite. He carries his own label, releases his own records and he is still one of the larger Retro DJs in Belgium.
He will take out his oldest vinyls from under the dust and make us hear as in the OLDSCHOOL RETRO times.
We present you: DJ Gert